We're glad you found our Website. If you are looking for a place to worship, fellowship, grow in Christ, or serve in the community, our church may be the place for you. We have plenty of room, and we'll be very happy if you can join us.

When you visit Castle Hill, you’ll be greeted with a warm handshake and a friendly smile. From the time you drive onto the parking lot, you will find that our members want nothing more than for your experience to be a joyful one.

We have convenient, reserved parking spaces located near the front entrance for our first-time guests. And when you walk through the doors of our church, our greeters, ministers and members will make sure you get to the Worship Center or the Children's Ministry or to a Bible Fellowship–wherever it is that you are going.

Our address is 84 Cecil Avenue, Castle Hill, NSW 2154


The grandfather of Eurosceptics?

495231 the grandfather of eurosceptics banner

In 603 BC, God allowed a Babylonian politician to look down through the unborn years of time and "paint" a broad-strokes picture of the events unfolding in Europe today.

Adventist Review

Adventists Pray for Those Affected by Istanbul Airport Bombings

The attack “sends another shockwave through our hearts,” says MENA president Rick McEdward.

Adventists Observe Day of Prayer as Russia Moves to Limit Missionary Activity

An Adventist leader also appeals to the Russian president to reject the legislation.

Sabbath Time


Place: Sydney, NSW, Australia

Start: 04:57 PM, 01 Jul 2016

End: 04:57 PM, 02 Jul 2016